Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wooden Musket for Manual of Arms

1853 Enfield Wooden Musket for manual of Arms Training

I don't know about you, but accurate Civil War repro muskets are like buying a used car. They are insanely expensive, the upkeep is not cheap, and you have no guarantee of their quality or any idea where they came from. I don't have 1200 dollars for a "de-farbed" musket nor do I have 695 dollars for the "El Cheapo" variety.

I have to train with a pointed stick. Well, this is slightly better than a pointed stick.

Pretty simple. Just print out the document and tape the pages together on a piece of wood. Then cut it out with a saw of some kind (may help to get parental guidance)

Then use this photo for reference on how to decorate it. (Yes I know the 1853 Enfield is a couple inches shorter than the '61 Springfield...but the lockplates and stocks are almost identical. Just a guide for the wood stain to use and the colors)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Battle of Cedar Creek 2011

This is a Cedar Creek video of the new Battalion I'm joining, the Mifflin Guard. They were right alongside Vincent's Brigade at Cedar Creek this past year. I will still go to all the major battles the 2nd Delaware will be in.

Anyway I thought this video was a treat to watch, it's very well done.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Why pay for anything you can get for free?

For my own regiment, here's Casey's Infantry Tactics available as an e-Book

And heck why not, for everyone else, here's Hardee's as well:

Thursday, February 2, 2012

May be transferring to another unit

Joining a new reenacting unit for some events due to transportation problems. I'll be falling in with the 1st Pennsylvania Rifles, Company B "The Bucktails" because Pennsylvania is actually closer to me than lower Delaware. (I live just 'south of the border') I'm not deserting the "Crazy Delawares" but I may skip out on the downstate events and go with the PA guys instead. This is a personal decision I made for this year that best suits my individual needs as a reenactor. Nothing against any members of my original company.

The Bucktails are a very well-known and famous Union regiment in the Civil War, and equally respected as a reenacting unit for their skill in leadership and attention to accuracy. My request for my transfer has been cleared at the company, regimental and brigade level headquarters, and preparations are being made at the Corps level of command for this transition.

I leave my home company respectfully with all the support and best wishes of my old comrades, especially First Sergeant Purdy and Captain Layton, with no hard sentiments on either party.