Sunday, February 28, 2016

Reenacting Ribbons Made into Medals

All of the important 150th Anniversary Civil War reenactments gave out a ribbon with a medallion to every soldier, by popular request of the participants as a souvenir. Most of these were meant to be worn around the neck. Since I personally don't think I'll ever want to wear them in that fashion, I got the idea of cutting off the ribbons to make military-style medals to pin on my uniform... So I can impress the ladies at the ball. If you like this idea, pass it along!


  1. Clever idea! The second Antietam sesquicentennial event also gave out these ribbon and pin style medallions. I always preferred that style to the around the neck kind. I may have to convert the rest of mine, though I'm not sure how many civilian ladies walked around with a bunch of war medals pinned to their dress :D

    1. Ladies are probably better off with a cockade for the hat. A cockade could just be made with a bunched up ribbon underneath the medallion, with a safety pin stuck through the back.

    2. Run a Google search for "Civil War Cockade" and you may find inspiration.