Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My first reenactment of 2012: Battle of New Market

MAY 1864.

Thanks to my Southern cousin Miss Stephanie Ann and a soldier of the 3rd Arkansas Company 'H' , I will get front row seats to this exciting battle. Since my new group the PA 13th Reg't Bucktails are too far away to make it to the battle, I will be be going 'undercover' as a Southern civilian to observe the tactics of these Secessionist Rebels, who have apparently amassed quite a fighting force of their own. I'm told these are his new cadets from Virginia Military Institute, and it will be their first time on the battlefield. I will play the role of battlefield observer, artist and photographer, and will do my best to document the events which transpire thereon from a safe distance. This undertaking may still have certain dangers, and I hope the captured Rebel coat and hat my cousin has assured that she has procured for me to disguise myself for this occasion will not arouse suspicion.

Expect some new pencil sketches and fresh tintypes of the action, my dear readers. I assure that you will feel as though you were seeing this fight with your own very eyes! Pray for my safety and I shall be returning soon.

As always, your adventurous and somewhat hapless friend,


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