Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to conceal items with an authentic wooden ammunition box

 I plan to make one of these if i can find enough lumber. Doesn't look too hard, so easy in fact that it dismays me so many reenactors still have blanket-covered plastic coolers.

This is based on the modern military idea of "ready boxes"...large containers pre-packed with everything a group needs and kept ready to grab and go, which helps eliminate the scramble of trying to get all your gear together the night before.  As items need to be replenished, they are periodically done so to keep it constantly ready.  Also makes carrying a reenactor's gear much less of a headache.

Here are some examples of ways to use your ammo box:

-Line the inside of your box with cedar for moth-resistant uniform storage

-Bolt two boxes together and remove the bottom of the box on top for greater capacity

-Line with industrial foam to use as a beer cooler

-Split inside of your box into compartments to house breakable glass containers / hold gun cleaning supplies

I finally found good instructions for making boxes to 1860s specifications. As soon as I find the source I will give proper credit.

(see attached PDF document)

Ammo Box Article pdf
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