Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wooden Musket for Manual of Arms

1853 Enfield Wooden Musket for manual of Arms Training

I don't know about you, but accurate Civil War repro muskets are like buying a used car. They are insanely expensive, the upkeep is not cheap, and you have no guarantee of their quality or any idea where they came from. I don't have 1200 dollars for a "de-farbed" musket nor do I have 695 dollars for the "El Cheapo" variety.

I have to train with a pointed stick. Well, this is slightly better than a pointed stick.

Pretty simple. Just print out the document and tape the pages together on a piece of wood. Then cut it out with a saw of some kind (may help to get parental guidance)

Then use this photo for reference on how to decorate it. (Yes I know the 1853 Enfield is a couple inches shorter than the '61 Springfield...but the lockplates and stocks are almost identical. Just a guide for the wood stain to use and the colors)

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