Thursday, February 2, 2012

May be transferring to another unit

Joining a new reenacting unit for some events due to transportation problems. I'll be falling in with the 1st Pennsylvania Rifles, Company B "The Bucktails" because Pennsylvania is actually closer to me than lower Delaware. (I live just 'south of the border') I'm not deserting the "Crazy Delawares" but I may skip out on the downstate events and go with the PA guys instead. This is a personal decision I made for this year that best suits my individual needs as a reenactor. Nothing against any members of my original company.

The Bucktails are a very well-known and famous Union regiment in the Civil War, and equally respected as a reenacting unit for their skill in leadership and attention to accuracy. My request for my transfer has been cleared at the company, regimental and brigade level headquarters, and preparations are being made at the Corps level of command for this transition.

I leave my home company respectfully with all the support and best wishes of my old comrades, especially First Sergeant Purdy and Captain Layton, with no hard sentiments on either party.

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  1. I've been at events with the Bucktails, they're a great group of gentlemen. You'll have a good time with them, to be sure!