Sunday, February 10, 2019

Advice for Soldiers at Public Events

-Don't be the guys who ignore the public's questions
-Don't be the guys who give sarcastic/fake answers
-Don't be the guys who sit around and drink beer all day/night
-Don't be the guys who turn their backs and don't salute during the National anthem
-Don't ignore officers/commanding staff when they pass by
-Don't sit around mocking the spectators
-Don't sit around mocking the 'farbs'
-Don't sit around talking sh** about other reenactors/other units
-Don't sit around talking sh** about that guy's girlfriend/wife
-Don't sit around talking about modern politics
-Don't sit around, period

Get up off your butt and walk around!

-Go pose for pictures with young visitors; it will make their day
-Go find a veteran and talk to them, invite them into your camp
-Go visit other units & talk to them
-Go find the answer to a question you don't know
-Go party with the other side Saturday night, see what they think of your event
-Go to the dance
-Go act out a scenario with friends to entertain/inform the public

-Remember the public, we are here for them.
-Without them we have no local interest
-Without the local interest, we have no funding
-Without the funding, we have no events

-Without the events, we have no excuse to wear our cool stuff in public.

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