Saturday, April 19, 2014

1860's Regulation US Army Inspection Layout

...You know... I often wondered if the Union army was ever required to lay their gear out the way the World War II soldiers did for "inspection", and if there was a regulation way of doing so. Well, Cpl. Dave Bauer of the Bucktails informed me that, indeed, they were.  He gave me the small card shown below as a reminder of the proper way to do it.

So it was nice out today and the ground was dry, and I decided to give it a go and take a picture for this website.  I hope that fellow Union reenactors find this helpful.

By the way, like the sign? I made it mainly as a joke,
and maybe so other buddies can find my 'home' at a big encampment.

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  1. Interesting. Hey. Is that a wad of dirt on your fork?