Thursday, July 25, 2013

Iced Earth - Gettysburg (1863)

Just wanted to put this up one more time before July 2013 is over and the Gettysburg memories start to fade. One of the most epic heavy metal masterpieces ever recorded. About the monumental, gut-wrenching struggle of the three day battle of Gettysburg and the terrible sadness of the aftermath. This is taken from a rare DVD edition with appropriate visuals, battle sound effects, officer dialogue and on screen lyrics. Iron Maiden is another band that writes songs from history and folklore, and in fact is one of Iced Earth's biggest influences.

This needs to be heard.

From "The Glorious Burden" 2003

0:00-12:14 - July 1 1863: The Devil To Pay
12:15-19:20 - July 2 1863: Hold At All Costs
19:21-31:59 - July 3 1863: High Water Mark

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