Friday, June 14, 2013

Civil War Sketchin' Time

The 1860's sketch diary is a thing I came up with to give me something to do in a period camp setting besides the usual sitting, talking, eating & drinking. I keep my cedar drawing pencils in a small box with a sliding lid and dovetailed joints.  These drawings are undated and in no particular order, but they have all been created in the last year.

Map created by Yours Truly for Greenbank Civil War Day

Crossed rifles hanging from a tent at New Market, Virginia. I thought it looked interesting.

This is a real steamboat I actually saw on a river while I was going over a bridge on the way to a battle in Virginia.  I labeled it as "Steamboat on the Rappahannock" but it actually might have been the Potomac. I don't recall what state I was in.

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Some Bucktails saw me working on this one at the annual company meeting in February.
This is the newest one.

...Can you tell I like eagles?  The Bald Eagle has been my favorite bird (or of any type of animal) since I was a very small young'un and, well... if you like eagles then the Union Army is the place to be!  The eagle is a symbol of strength, predatory grace and courage that was used by the Austrian Empire, Germany and the Kingdom of Poland long before Americans adopted it as the symbol of their country's pride.  Face it, eagles are just awesome creatures.

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