Sunday, April 8, 2012

Comical Civil War portrait

I know it's disrespectful to laugh at the dead... But what exactly was this guy thinking getting his portrait taken like this? Is that how he wanted future generations to remember him?


  1. That's what I think every time I am in a photo.

  2. I agree with Stephanie. I love taking pictures, but I'm careful.

  3. so are you enjoying my story about the time-traveling soldier?

  4. Perhaps the photographer was his brother. "Here, let me fix your hair for you first!" "Why thank you!" ;)

    On another note, are you planning to use this in your impression? It'd be great if you carried a copy of this picture with you for when people questioned you.

    "What's with your hair?" "It's historically accurate." "It is not. People really cared about their appearance!" "Here's proof."


    1. lol I think his mirror broke. And the townfolk were too scared to tell him about his hair. They probably called him "Crazy Jim"