Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Completed Handmade Drill Rifle.

Remember the pattern for the wooden P-1853 Enfield rifle musket?

Here's my finished result.

I used part of an old aluminum broom handle for the barrel. The stock is pine, cut by saber saw and then carved by hand with my jacknife. The barrel is removable and held on by hose clamps. The long, thin tube clamped to the stock is to slide the dummy ramrod into, shown below it. The ramrod is part of an old curtain rod. The trigger guard is a pipe fastener.

I really need to practice drawing the ramrod and replacing it, which is why I made this in the first place. I measured the barrel, stock and ramrod so that they are accurate to the real deal. It weighs about 10 pounds, just a bit lighter than the genuine article, but when you hold it in your hands it feels like it could be real.

The last thing I want to do to make it complete is buy one of those farby kid rifles, remove the hammer, lock and trigger assembly, and install it on here so the thing can shoot caps :)

I'll keep working on it, but not bad for a first try. If my company likes this one I can make more.

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  1. It looks really great. I almost have to say, at this point, why didn't you just make a real one? The stock cost about $230 of the price of the gun. :)