Saturday, January 21, 2012

Greetings to anyone who wants to follow my crazy time traveling adventures

Greetings fellow military dorks!

My real name is Jeff, and I have secretly wanted to join the military for 25 years. Though I doubt they’d let me, it has become sort of an obsession.

I have always watched war films about the Revolution all the way up to the Persian Gulf, spanning hundreds of years, and been fascinated by how military tactics, equipment and uniforms have changed throughout the ages. Warfare is an organic entity that is constantly evolving and changing. It is both beautiful and ugly, honorable and terrible, thrilling and terrifying, engaging and repulsive. It is really a terribly messy thing for humans to be involved in, but evidently it must also be fun somehow, because men have been waging war for tens of thousands of years. They show no sign of stopping anytime soon. General Ulysses S. Grant said “War is Hell.” General Robert E. Lee around the same time said that “It is a good thing war is so terrible, lest we grow too fond of it.”

War is horrible. I have no illusions about it. But it’s also fascinating. Which is why I created this website.

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